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About WICS 
WICS (Winder Inclusive Communities Service) is a service alternative that facilitates opportunities for adults with disabilities to create healthy lasting relationships and a good life for themselves.

WICS Mission Statement
"Connecting people to their communities in meaningful ways." A service alternative that facilitates opportunities for adults living with intellectual disabilities/neurodiversity to create healthy, lasting relationships and a good life for themselves. We also strive to support people in maximizing their self-determination and self-confidence while being seen as contributing citizens in their communities.
WICS Model of Practice
WICS (Winder Inclusive Communities Service) is a not- for- profit, private organization. The service delivery model is based on a mobile team concept that provides flexible, responsive, and individualized supports. This model is utilized to promote customer directed services, greater opportunity for citizenship, and the development of meaningful relationships. We believe that the services can be effectively delivered when the customer, and not the agency, directs them. The development and maintenance of relationships is of the utmost importance.

High priority is given to planning with the customer so that goals and aspirations are achieved effectively through a process of weekly review, updating and planning by the team. Any planning at WICS is a fluid plan that changes and evolves with the person.

The objective of the organization is to work with the individuals and families to create and implement a plan that will assist them to become a vital part of their community, and a true citizen.

WICS provides a person centered, non-facility based approach to service, to best meet individual needs. Individual advocacy will be encouraged and supported. Wellness and personal safety will be a priority. The organization only engages staff that are interested in supporting people in creative and innovative ways and who understand the importance of belonging and citizenship.

WICS Practice and Principles

#1   Have an opportunity for personal development and to be supported towards realizing their full potential.

#2   Self determination: To make decisions about issues affecting their life and services and to experience a life with autonomy and control.

#3   Develop healthy, sustainable, non-paid relationships.

#4   Be in and of a community and experience citizenship without the barriers imposed by the labels that have been assigned.

#5   Information about their rights, opportunities, and issues that affect them.

#6   Be respected for who they are and their unique qualities, contributions, and capacities they have to offer.

#7   Access to support to maintain or improve their physical, emotional and material well being.

#8   An effective system of support to live a good life. This support is based on the person’s strengths and not their deficits.

#9  Full Citizenship, with all its RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES.

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